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Traveler Information

Below you’ll find a few topics helpful for getting started on your international travel.       


Additional specific information is provided with each tour itinerary.  Don’t see what you need?  Contact CNT, 610-326-9531 or info@ceibanaturetours.com.

Packing List

This generic list may not apply specifically to your trip, but will get you started.  When registered you receive an itemized list for your destination.

__passport; two photo copies of first two pages carried separately – check expiration date
__credit card; some cash in small bills in good condition
__trip information, itinerary
__E-tickets receipt or flight tickets
__glasses, uv protection sun glasses
__ball cap and/or hat with brim for sun protection
__plastic bags, zip close type, a few in assorted sizes (they’re just handy)
__insect repellant (25-35% deet most effective, or natural alternative)
__photo gear
__field guides
__reading material
__small towel or handkerchief
__water bottle
__battery alarm clock or equipment that does the same thing
__prescription medicines; personal first aid; (Immodium AD for travelers issues)
__antiseptic wipes or pocket size sanitizer
__flat casual shoes or sandals
__hiking boots or sturdy walking shoes
__lightweight raingear, doubles as light jacket
__lightweight long pants, recommend quick-dry wicking synthetics
__lightweight long sleeve shirt
__T-shirts, recommend quick-dry wicking synthetics
     (for wildlife watching clothes in nature’s colors are best, save the brights for night)

What Not To Take?

__too much, use the laundry services
__jewelry -  leave your good jewelry at home, buy local handicrafts
__bulky/weighty items; find a substitute – travel synthetics are light weight and take less space; pack clothes that can be worn in layers doing double duty
__remember you are packing for 10-14 days; take quantities in appropriate size –  toiletries in refillable travel size containers


For all passport inquiries please see  http://travel.state.gov/content/passports/english.html 
Note that many countries require passports to be valid six months beyond entry date; visas or reciprocity fees may be required.


Health and Safety:  Every effort is made to prevent accidents and ensure safety.  Consult your family physician or travel immunization center regarding health concerns and recommended immunizations for travel. 

  • RPS Internal Medicine Travel Immunization Center, 610-988-8480
  • Center for Disease Control (CDC), 404-332-4555, or 1-877-FYI-TRIP, www.cdc.gov/travel

You should be able to negotiate steps, walk on rocky trails, and climb in and out of vehicles with assistance.  Medical services or facilities may not be available during all or part of your trip.   Participants must assume full responsibility for their own safety and provide their own medical and accident insurance.

Smoking Policy:  permitted only in designated areas  


You may choose to arrive earlier and/or depart later than the selected ‘group’ flight, but must coordinate with the group at our stated arrival and departure times; if not you will be responsible for transportation costs to join the group in progress.  Transportation to airport will be arranged for those departing locally. 


Ceiba Nature Tours recommends the purchase of travel insurance; including trip interruption, cancellation, and medical.  For specific tours insurance may be required.

Please note some coverage options are available only within a specific time from your date of registration deposit. 

TravelSafe, 888-885-7233 or www.travelsafe.com  is provided with your confirmation package for your consideration. 

Additional companies are listed on the comprehensive www.insuremytrip.com 

Expectations of Participants

Please keep in mind that the very nature of a natural history focused tour will put us in out-of-the-way places. This means walking trails might be rough or steep, and roads bumpy.  Conditions frequently are not the same as in the United States.  Our accommodations will be comfortable to old world luxury, but service is always at the pace of local custom. Please leave your country with the attitude that you are travelling to experience some of the legendary landscapes on the planet.




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