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Just the highlights from past tours.  This is not a list of what was seen, (you can ask for that) but rather focused on memorable participant experiences.

Costa Rica Wildlife Tour  | Jan. 31 – Feb. 9, 2015

Costa Rica promises and always delivers.  Over 850 species of birds and we saw a third of them; not to diminish all the butterflies.....(more)

Mexico’s Yucatan at Hacienda Petac Trip | Jan. 9 - 16, 2016

It was all we hoped it to be…and more!  We checked in for our week at historic Hacienda Petac in time for reviving drinks and manager Colleen’s twilight tour......(more)

Ecuador’s Andes Trip Report | March 2-13, 2016

You simply can’t beat the Andes for sheer spectacle!  The avian fauna and flora surprise and excite each step of the way.....(more)

Mexico’s Yucatan at Hacienda Petac Trip Report | Jan. 6 - 13, 2017

CNT's Return Trip! We come for the rustic elegance of hacienda life! (more)

Exploring Belize Trip Report | Feb. 1-8, 2017

I’ve said it before - if you haven’t been to the tropics, Belize is a wonderful place to start! …and it was. (more)

Patagonia Trip Report | March 9-19, 2017

Our first morning we awoke to a beautiful clear and sunny day, just perfect for our Los Glaciares NP hike at the base of iconic Mt. Fitz Roy. (more)

Costa Rica Trip Report | January 9-16, 2018

Upon arrival we were whisked away from airport chaos to our small aircraft chartered flight (all of us in awe of rainforest below)....(more)




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