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Welcome to Ceiba Nature Tours.

Everything you want in exotic nature travel.  Uniquely yours, each bespoke itinerary is planned for you and a few fellow travelers.


Ceiba Nature Tours offers personally planned and guided intentionally small group travel to the world’s great nature destinations.  Our focus is bird and wildlife watching, but includes the unique cultural landscape of each destination.  CNT’s philosophy of travel includes time for independent choices, allowing you to explore and discover on your own.   Sensitivity to the environment and authenticity of cultural experience guides our choice of local operators, lodgings, and activity.  We are available to you, every step of the way.

Announcing Trips 2018

Costa Rica Tropical Holiday | January 9 –16, 2018

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      Best first tropical experience you can get – and everyone wants to return!


Birding Colombia’s Andes | February 23 - March 6, 2018

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Exploring mountains, valleys, riversides – outstanding protected reserves.


Africa’s Legendary Landscapes & Wildlife
The Kalahari Desert’s Makgadikgadi Pan - Okavango Delta | November 2018

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“I travel to see places of epic scale and numinous beauty, for the feeling of transcendent wonder” T. Pit



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